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It has been frightening here this evening.  A tornado tore through Fenton and Holly.  Some friends have had damage to their homes and their town, so I ask that you please keep them in your thoughts.  The clean-up is underway but for several this evening a local elementary school is home. 

The worst that happened to us was a small power outage and some plant damage from the strong winds.  The storm came up so rapidly.  One minute we’re chatting about our Day out with Thomas (I’ll post about that tomorrow) and the next second we’re headed to the basement because of the sirens – chilling.  In fact I didn’t realize that the tornado hit down two towns over from our home.  Before the storm was overhead I had run a shopping errand at the local Target and came to find out the TSC next to it had been destroyed.  I flipped. 

I’m absolutely overwhelmed by it all.  But I can’t even fathom how my friends are feeling right now.


Taking a Break

To spend more time on personal pursuits and focus on family.


Monday, Monday

Every other day, every other day
Every other day of the week is fine, yeah
But whenever Monday comes, but whenever Monday comes
A-you can find me cryin’ all of the time
  ~ The Mamas & The Papas

Life here is very much like Monday, Monday.  Our extended week together was very pleasant and carefree.  It made it even more difficult to part on Sunday evening.  I’ve come to realize that I’ve actually forgotten how nice it is to have my spouse around on a regular basis.  I believe I’ve fooled myself so well, by going through the motions every day, that when we have some semblance of our old life back I’m shocked back to reality.  Not fun.

I’ll work on posting more of what we did this past week tomorrow.


Rated G

Online Dating

It’s apparent that I learned NOTHING in my years at university.  Hehehe.  Thanks capello for the laugh!




  • The client didn’t come back for a second viewing.
  • Geo was able to power-wash the whole house exterior and porch. 
  • The garage is stained. 
  • Add painting to our project list.


Phone 2  Originally uploaded by macroninja.

What is the main form of communication you utilize with your family members – nuclear and/or extended?

I don’t like the telephone – nope – not one bit. I don’t do well on the phone. I think it stems from a position I held as an operator at a payroll company. You can imagine the volume of calls and the percentage of nasty callers. I could hear a line ring-in even after I’d left the office and been home for hours. It traumatized me. It really did. Now I don’t trust that I’m hearing everything properly over the phone let alone interpreting inflections, etc. The only people that have ever put me at ease on the phone have been Josie, my SIL and Geo, my husband… maybe because they’re siblings. Anyway… it’s pretty well known in my nuclear family that I don’t like the phone. I’m not sure how far that knowledge reaches out to my extended family but I imagine since they don’t hear from me very often that they probably don’t know.

Occasionally I enjoy writing notes and letters and sending them through the post, but mostly I use email. Yes, I hear you groaning… it’s so impersonal and you can misinterpret things in that medium too. It’s definitely a comfort zone issue.

What do you do?

P.S. I love this photo by macroninja on flickr.


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