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We decided to start this Fall.  That way we’ll have a pretty good idea if it is right for our family.  I’m working on building a curriculum for Georgie that will allow for his kinetic learning style.  It is amazing what I’m finding online — lapbooks are awesome!  I also realized that almost all the books I picked-up during local thrifting this past year are on many recommended curriculums for language/art/math/science/social studies/health & safety units.  How did I catch that break?  Of course there are many books I’m still interested in procuring for him.

I’m hoping to have put the curriculum together before the end of July.  That way I can go over it with George and find out if there is anything he wants to include or exclude.  I’m excited!


Outdoor Projects

Raised beds:  Two down – three to go.

Digging out grass around the apple trees:  One down – one to go.

Pulling grass out of the periwinkle (vinca) beds:  A never ending battle.

And of course where we play when we don’t feel like working:


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