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It has been frightening here this evening.  A tornado tore through Fenton and Holly.  Some friends have had damage to their homes and their town, so I ask that you please keep them in your thoughts.  The clean-up is underway but for several this evening a local elementary school is home. 

The worst that happened to us was a small power outage and some plant damage from the strong winds.  The storm came up so rapidly.  One minute we’re chatting about our Day out with Thomas (I’ll post about that tomorrow) and the next second we’re headed to the basement because of the sirens – chilling.  In fact I didn’t realize that the tornado hit down two towns over from our home.  Before the storm was overhead I had run a shopping errand at the local Target and came to find out the TSC next to it had been destroyed.  I flipped. 

I’m absolutely overwhelmed by it all.  But I can’t even fathom how my friends are feeling right now.


Hanging Out

Our property is blessed with Gray Treefrogs (Hyla versicolor) as seen above.  They love to hang out on our siding to eat what the Orb Weavers leave behind.  The one above was taking a peek into the downstairs bathroom… cheeky.  We also have Northern Leopard Frogs (Lithobates pipiens, previously Rana pipiens).  In fact a rather large Northern Leopard Frog has taken up residence under my Greek Oregano.  I have a little cup that I inserted in the dirt flush to the ground and I periodically fill it up with our well water to help him out since he’s a bit far from the river across the street.  It is my understanding that they stray from the water areas after mating season so he’s been there for the whole summer.  I noticed my herbs faired rather well too – lucky me. 🙂


Fishing Companion

During our fishing adventure this weekend we were lucky enough to see another great fisherman in action.  The Northern Water Snake (Nerodia sipedon).


The pictures are blurry because in my excitement I forgot I had it on soft focus.  The camera assumes that the nearest thing to the camera is what you’re focusing on, which was the grass.  But you can see the lovely Nerodia sipedon in the back there striking (and catching) the Bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus) I was reeling in to shore. 

The snake did not let go.  I pulled it ashore with the fish.  Gently laid the base of my fishing rod on the base of the snakes head and it let go.  The snake slithered back into the water, I released the Bluegill and it promptly snatched it up for dinner.  I don’t know who was more excited, Georgie or his daddy and me.  lol 🙂


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