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Taking a Break

To spend more time on personal pursuits and focus on family.


Gone Fishing


There Be Pirates

Georgie is interested in Pirates.  Daddy obliged…

My personal favorite…



We decided to start this Fall.  That way we’ll have a pretty good idea if it is right for our family.  I’m working on building a curriculum for Georgie that will allow for his kinetic learning style.  It is amazing what I’m finding online — lapbooks are awesome!  I also realized that almost all the books I picked-up during local thrifting this past year are on many recommended curriculums for language/art/math/science/social studies/health & safety units.  How did I catch that break?  Of course there are many books I’m still interested in procuring for him.

I’m hoping to have put the curriculum together before the end of July.  That way I can go over it with George and find out if there is anything he wants to include or exclude.  I’m excited!


Ohio Trip

Our trip down to Ohio was long… George’s flight was delayed last Tuesday and so he ended up laying over in Milwaukee.  So instead of leaving Michigan at 5 a.m. on Wednesday to get to Ohio we ended up leaving straight from the airport in Flint at 8:30 a.m.   We didn’t make it down to Columbus until almost 2 p.m. because I was so stressed that my body decided I needed an hour pit-stop in Vanlu, Ohio… NOT FUN.  At least there was a park and Georgie had a great time while I became acquainted with a teetering toilet.

When we did finally make it to our favorite family’s home we were just in time for a large home cooked lunch… then we hung around playing games with the kiddos until it was time to leave for the fireworks display at the local high-school in Dublin.  We had the best seats in the house!

George insisted on letting Georgie use a sparkler.  I’m not even going to get into how very pissed I was about it, so instead here is a photo of Georgie trying to blow out the sparkler while George helps him wave it around.  The whole time I had visions of him melting his face off with it.  I guess this is partly because of experiences I’ve had with them in my past and horror stories in the news about them.  Either way it was very hard for me to not argue about it in front of our favorite family.  Instead I chose to let it go and hoped that my husband’s restraining hand would keep Georgie from getting hurt.  Can you tell I hate sparklers?

The following day we ended up taking the kids to a splash-pad/park in Powell after a terrific home cooked breakfast.  It was so much fun.  Georgie really loved it… he’s into water big time.

The trip was rushed and very short but it was all worth it to see our favorite family.  We love them bunches and don’t get to see them enough.  We’re hoping they’ll be able to visit us in August for Georgie’s 3rd birthday.  Which I’m hoping won’t be rushed and short but that’s how it goes these days.

The rest of the week was spent at home in Michigan going on short trips here and there.  Since Georgie really enjoyed the splash-pad in Ohio we took him to a local one here.  It was bigger, had a lot more kids, wasn’t free and the surface was very slippery.  I know that Georgie liked it a lot but he fell hard a couple of times – enough to leave some nasty bruises.  I’m going to try taking him during the week to see if it’s calmer and invest in some aqua socks for him.

We also ended up trying a movie one more time — we should have known better.  We have a very active child.  Watching a movie at home is easy because if he loses interest it isn’t a big deal.  It is when you’ve paid for one in a public setting.  We tried Ratatouille and he seemed pretty content for a while.  But then he had to use the restroom and after I brought him back all hell broke loose.  I think I’m going to take him to see free movies our theatre offers on Wednesdays during the summer.  I’m hoping this will build up his exposure to the proper way to watch a movie in public with people you don’t know and it doesn’t hurt as much to walk out on it in case the lesson isn’t learned.



We’ll be spending some time with our favorite family in Columbus, Ohio this Wednesday and Thursday while my folks hold down the fort.  When we get back Geo has some vacation time, so I’ll be taking a short break.  Have a terrific holiday and I’ll see you on Monday.


Sunday at the Park


♦Elmo the Kite


♦Georgie and Geo

We spent some time Sunday reconnecting with each other as a family at a small park across from our home.  It doesn’t have much — mostly it’s set-up for baseball but it does have swings and plenty of grounds to explore.  Geo helped Georgie fly his Elmo kite.  Elmo had other plans.  Instead we ended up walking the perimeter of the park finding various traces of the farm that once occupied this property.  All sorts of raspberry bushes gone wild, apple trees, mulberries, concord grapes, peonies, lilies, strawberries… I know that when I walk the grounds at this park I want our property to feel/look the same… wild and free.  Full of plants that entice wildlife and let you know that even after you’ve left they’ll still be there.  Tall oaks, Weeping Willows, huge White Pines… all just gorgeous.

We played hide and seek among the trees and collected sticks and stones and sampled Mulberries.  I wish all our weekends were as leisurely and peaceful.  I hope they’ll be more this summer no matter if they’re played out here in Michigan or in Illinois.  As long as we can spend them together.

P.S.  Over to the right you’ll notice my new hobby.  I love reading our local church signs.  It’s almost as if they’re in competition with each other and I report back daily to my family about them as I run errands.  I hope you don’t mind me sharing a few of my favorites with you.


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