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Five Things: Robot Swap

I received some great loving – AGAIN, with these delightful goodies from the Five Things: Robot Swap on Flickr.

This fab lino-cut over a martian-esqe painted background was done by the terrific printmaker ezerd.

I ♥ pouches with zippers and this one is even more rockin’ because it has robots on it!  crazycatladymel is a sewing ninja. 🙂

And the newest edition to my pitifully small stuffy collection (it’s getting bigger!) is this delicious cyclopian robot from jek in the box.

Thank you so much for continuing to include me – I’m working hard on your projects and can’t wait to get them out to you all.


Five Things: Pink Swap

I’m long overdue for thanking all the lovely swappers in this 5 Things: Pink swap.  Everything is fabulous and I’ve really enjoyed all the pink things I received.

♥fab fabric postcard from the whimsical jek in the box

♥sweet tissue cozie from monfrere

♥super cute felt pig hand puppet from Bubbles Company

♥gorgeous handmade notecard, chocolates (gone), pencil, and notepad from Blufairy19

♥fun felt flower pin from wolfmom2ac

If I mixed some of these up I do apologize.  I was having some difficulty remembering who crafted what and I’ll make any corrections if you let me know.  Again thank you all for a terrific swapping experience!


Mini Wish List Swap from Swap-bot


Another fantastic swapping experience with the fabulous Raesha of My Love. She really knows my likes so well! Raesha has included lovely notecards, funny postcards, Country Living magazine (a favorite and I just happened to have let my subscription run out!), jelly jar of buttons, gorgeous handmade dangle earrings (love the colors), two fat quarters, polka-dot ribbon, fun going-on-vaca socks, a super nifty handmade zipper pouch in cool floral print, chocolate that is curiously missing… hmm… and my absolute favorite of the bunch are the ATC’s – I love them.


Mini Swap II Package from “My Love”

Raesha and Miss S. of My Love sent Lil’ Georgie a super duper swap package full of wonderful items. Raesha made a cape for “Super George”, a book bag to match :), and fabulous bean bags that come in their own pouch. We’ve had great fun with them so far this weekend. Georgie also received a folder filled with coloring pages of trains, two golden books (The Fire Engine Book & Bunnies’ ABC), The Tale of Two Bad Mice by Beatrix Potter, Little Einsteins pjs, wood truck model kit (Daddy is excited about that one… hehehe), train cut-out, Culdee (not pictured – in use), Coloring book/crayons (not pictured – in use), postcard from Miss S. and for mommy and daddy a terrific regional cook book and some mild green chilies. Yummy. Thank you so much for taking such care in putting together a lovely swap package for Georgie. He’s been so sick and it was really nice letting him open it this weekend. 🙂


January Coloriffic Swap-O-Rama Received

A lovely package sent to me by monfrere and so thoughtful and squeal inducing… lol.  Starting from the top left and going clockwise we have lollipop soap, flocked postcard, white satin ribbon, lucky cat stickers, yummy yo-yos, droste pastilles & red raspberry tea, packages before opening, again, group shot of red & white goodies, cute packaging, raspberry boats/tissue holder/felt garland/dr. pepper lip balm, hershey’s candy cane kisses, and center photo with more ribbon & tiny vintage buttons.  I loved it all and wanted to thank monfrere for cheering me up today!



Perfect timing.  I’m thinking of buying a world map – prompted by reading Whoever You Are by Mem Fox – to help Georgie find different countries we’ll be talking about in our cultural studies.  This little swap will be just the project to get that ball rolling. 


mini swap 2

I’m so excited… it’s back!

Take a look at last years swap.  That is how I was introduced to the lovely Tasha and her babybug!  Georgie still is addicted to Kimi balls, loves going through “George’s Box of Sunshine” to study all the shells and his special Vana (sea urchin), and has a plastic menagerie started with one honu and one crab.  Not to mention that I received a lovely purse made by Tasha and the urge to eat Mochi every time I see a box of Mochiko flour in the specialty market. 

I highly recommend this swap for parents and their children.  It was terrific fun last year and I’m sure this year will be the same.


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