Sunday at the Park


♦Elmo the Kite


♦Georgie and Geo

We spent some time Sunday reconnecting with each other as a family at a small park across from our home.  It doesn’t have much — mostly it’s set-up for baseball but it does have swings and plenty of grounds to explore.  Geo helped Georgie fly his Elmo kite.  Elmo had other plans.  Instead we ended up walking the perimeter of the park finding various traces of the farm that once occupied this property.  All sorts of raspberry bushes gone wild, apple trees, mulberries, concord grapes, peonies, lilies, strawberries… I know that when I walk the grounds at this park I want our property to feel/look the same… wild and free.  Full of plants that entice wildlife and let you know that even after you’ve left they’ll still be there.  Tall oaks, Weeping Willows, huge White Pines… all just gorgeous.

We played hide and seek among the trees and collected sticks and stones and sampled Mulberries.  I wish all our weekends were as leisurely and peaceful.  I hope they’ll be more this summer no matter if they’re played out here in Michigan or in Illinois.  As long as we can spend them together.

P.S.  Over to the right you’ll notice my new hobby.  I love reading our local church signs.  It’s almost as if they’re in competition with each other and I report back daily to my family about them as I run errands.  I hope you don’t mind me sharing a few of my favorites with you.


1 Response to “Sunday at the Park”

  1. July 3, 2007 at 3:56 pm

    ahhhhh, sounds relaxing.

    Yes, it was… I’ve been forgetting how to relax lately.

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