Another year gone… gleanings from my birthday horoscope:

  • You can no longer live off the resources of past efforts.

  • Your living arrangements changed a short while ago. The upheaval was fairly significant. Be aware that, now, you can finally “settle in.”

  • What ever education you have received in the last two years is finally starting to show how it will be useful to you.

Hmm… very interesting indeed.  No income from my artwork, husband in Illinois while we’re in Michigan, house on market in January, and my two year old is giving me the lesson of my life… yeah, really.

36 years

  1. Born December 20 in the evening.

  2. Highest education achieved was Junior status at university.

  3. Married since 1998.

  4. Mother since 2004.

  5. Love to sew.

  6. Love to write.

  7. Love to love every craft known to humans.

  8. Love to collect things.

  9. Spend about 12 hours a day with my son.

  10. Want to finish my BFA.

  11. Selling our house.

  12. Moving back to Illinois.

  13. TTC.

  14. Lonely.

  15. Reading “The Traveler’s Gift” by Andy Andrews.

  16. Loving Pandora.

  17. Major procrastinator.

  18. Blog reading addict.

  19. Lampworker.

  20. Pet owner.

  21. Love to research everything. 

  22. Currently researching raising chickens.

  23. Trying to be more like these wonderful people.

  24. Bad at being on time.

  25. Trustworthy.

  26. Library whore.

  27. Love classic movies like Stage Door, The Cheaters, The Quiet Man, The Inspector General, The African Queen, and Westward the Women.

  28. Want to travel outside of the country and have only traveled within the USA.

  29. Long to swim in the ocean and have an unnatural fear of not being able to see what lies beneath me.

  30. Wish Xena was still on.

  31. Secretly wish to be a Forensic Archaeologist.

  32. My last sixteen birthdays have been forgettable.

  33. Love Cherry Garcia ice cream.

  34. Love Carrot Cake.

  35. Love family history and genealogy.

  36. Love being 36!

3 Responses to “36”

  1. December 21, 2006 at 7:49 am

    Happy Birthday! I too turned 36 this year and really wish that Xena was still on!

  2. December 21, 2006 at 9:16 pm

    happy birthday, dawn! big hugs and wishes for a new great year!

    i love your new site! weeks ago i tried to leave a comment but it wouldn’t work. glad it does now!

    your baby picture is adorable 🙂

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