100 Things


100 Things About Me

1. I’ve lived in ten cities and two states in thirty-five years.
2. I’ve had six birds, nine cats, five dogs, one guinea pig, assorted fish and hamsters, three rabbits, and one iguana – not all at the same time, but fairly close.
3. I’ve had appendicitis.
4. I’ve almost died on the operating table – see #3.
5. I played into the wee hours of the night during the summer months of my childhood without my parents worrying where I was during that time.
6. I have a two year old son that probably won’t enjoy that same freedom.
7. I’m my husband’s second wife.
8. I’m my husband’s second wife named Dawn.
9. I’ve studied Archaeology, Fine Arts, and Religion.
10. I still don’t have a degree.
11. I met my husband through a co-worker when she married into his family.
12. I was raised Roman Catholic.
13. I left the church when I was thirteen.
14. My folks live with me.
15. I have two younger brothers that are two & a half years and four & a half years younger than me.
16. I have six nephews, two nieces and one unknown (find out in Sept.)
17. I can fold my tongue into threes.
18. I’ve owned six vehicles in seventeen years.
19. I bought my first home in the summer of 2005.
20. I garden and save seeds.
21. I collect craft supplies,
22. flower frogs,
23. Floraline pottery,
24. vintage buttons,
25. vintage ribbon,
26. vintage fabric,
27. vintage greeting postcards,
28. vintage cabinet photographs,
29. paper,
30. and assorted found objects.
31. I’ve gone to two elementary schools, two middle schools, one high school, one community college and one university.
32. I’ve manipulated personality testing to get a job.
33. I believe in reincarnation.
34. I get upset seeing dead animals on the side of the road.
35. I’ve been in and out of depression since I was twelve.
36. I’ve only contemplated suicide – I’ve never tried it.
37. I quit a job after a co-worker committed suicide.
38. I’d like to adopt a child before I’m forty.
39. I probably won’t qualify in a home study due to #35 and #36.
40. I cheated on my high school Latin exams.
41. I wish I had taken German instead.
42. My family is mostly of German and English ancestry.
43. I have family names like Feldhaus, May, Koeppen and Nape.
44. I once started our family tree and worked on it for two years.
45. I lost all my research in a computer crash.
46. I have had five computers in eight years.
47. I research almost everything on the internet.
48. I read in the bathroom.
49. I went fishing every night and every weekend with my husband the whole summer I was pregnant with my son.
50. I have only fished twice since he was born in 2004.
51. I enjoy the outdoors.
52. I spend most of my days inside.
53. I despise housework.
54. I do dishes and laundry everyday.
55. I sing in my head while doing chores.
56. I have a garage that is almost as big as my parent’s last home.
57. I’ve crushed on many a man but my husband is my one and only.
58. My husband dumped me big time and I thought it was the end of the world.
59. He wooed me back and I married him eleven months later.
60. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong at my wedding and no one knew but me and my mom.
61. I would like to renew our vows on our tenth anniversary while we’re in Greece or Tuscany.
62. I’ve never been outside of the USA.
63. I’ve only been to Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, D.C., and Florida.
64. I’ve driven through Kentucky, Georgia, and West Virginia.
65. I have relatives in Texas, Louisiana, Nevada, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Illinois, Kentucky, Virginia, Florida, Ohio, and Colorado.
66. I’ve had several supernatural experiences while growing up.
67. I want to own a hobby farm.
68. I love the cottage style but don’t know where to start in my own home.
69. I dislike my furniture.
70. It does not reflect my tastes.
71. I’m a hermit trapped in a Sagittarius’ body.
72. I have social anxiety.
73. I still enjoy a good party once I get there… it’s the getting there that can be a problem.
74. I use to drink a lot without a problem.
75. One drink now makes me tipsy.
76. I once visited a morgue during a S.A.D.D. trip.
77. It made me change my major to Forensic Archaeology.
78. I changed my major to Fine Art after I encountered too much negativity from my professors in that discipline.
79. I never finished my degree due to financial obstacles.
80. I want to finish my degree once we move back to Illinois.
81. I secretly wish that I had moved to Arizona when an opportunity arouse during my engagement to my husband – he didn’t want to go.
82. I wish I was back to the size before I met my husband.
83. I enjoy cooking and baking a lot!
84. I’m a secret keeper.
85. I kept a secret, got fired for it and no one knows that is the real reason I got fired.
86. I’ve had sixteen jobs and four home-based businesses in eighteen years.
87. I’m obsessed with needing to know and gathering information.
88. I give more money than I’ve ever received.
89. I give more than I receive.
90. I have a horrible sweet tooth.
91. I love animals and I’m a meat eater.
92. I’ve been to two conventions in two states related to work.
93. I’m horrible at time management.
94. I have rheumatoid arthritis.
95. I have tendonitis from playing center in softball during high school.
96. I have carpal tunnel syndrome due to working at non-ergonomic workspaces over the last eighteen years.
97. I don’t let anyone know how much pain I’m really in.
98. I love living day by day.
99. I take too much time writing and re-writing emails.
100. I have a wonderful life.

2 Responses to “100 Things”

  1. 1 Ali
    August 2, 2006 at 12:45 am

    I spent 18 to 56 trying to see if I could fold my tounge in threes. I can’t.

  2. August 3, 2006 at 12:39 pm

    I can only roll my tongue in half. You’re lucky.

    What were your “supernatural” experiences?

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