Davisburg Cemetary Headstone

I know some people find cemetaries to be creepy places they’d rather not venture into if it’s not absolutely necessary. I think they’re beautiful reminders of how as a society we honor our loved ones.

We live kitty-corner to Davisburg Cemetary, which was originally across from the Protestant Methodist Church (built in 1878) but the church burnt down in 1916 when two young boys were smoking in the belfry. So now there’s just a cemetary seemingly in the middle of no where.

I love walking through the cemetary and finding these gorgeous works of art. Just look at this headstone. It’s unbelievably ornate (although the environmental conditions have taken their toll) and I can only imagine the cost of such a piece of work. I don’t know if it references some classical object… it seems very Romanesque. The chair is fashioned from a tree, with a large upholstered cushion with tassels. A throw or wrap lies over the back of the chair and a scroll lies on the cushion. It reads:

“At evening time it shall
be light.”
Zechariah XIV VII

There are ferns at the front base and althought I’ve searched I cannot find the family name or if it’s related to the stones down in front of it. Either way it’s a lovely tribute.


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