Toting the Whine

I’ve omitted a few entries lately only because I feel so very backlogged. I can’t seem to catch up. It doesn’t help that I’m working on this swap project that involves sewing a tote. I could kick my own butt for signing up for the darn thing. I’ve had to beg off twice now because I’ve literally torn apart this tote seven times… YEAH SEVEN!!! I think it would have been cheaper to buy my recipient an indie crafter’s handy work instead. I can’t afford to feed my own kid right now and here I am shelling out way too much money on fabric and thread. I.am.an.idiot.

I don’t know what gets into me at these moments. I feel all giddy about getting crafty and then all hell breaks loose. I’ve tried to improvise today and it’s not flying. I have a feeling that it’s going to end up without lining, which in my opinion makes it look like crap. It’s that or a bag that looks like it has a serious undie-grundie. I’m so frustrated… I cried. I cried over a freaking tote for a swap. What is my world coming too?

As you can imagine I’m frustrated. It certainly doesn’t help that Geo is out of town – AGAIN. This time for full week. I want to pull my hair out chasing down George almost all day without any reprieve in the evenings. I can tell he’s getting geared up for only one nap a day. I.am.not.ready. I was trying to work around his schedule to get things done and that gives me exactly four hours a day. Now I know that seems like a lot. It isn’t. It takes me an hour to straighten up the house. An hour to prepare meals. An hour to catch up on email. An hour for miscellany. The miscellany has been the cursed tote. I need a full uninterrupted day to sort it out and I’m not going to get it. Did I mention it made me cry?

I know this is a whiny rant… I needed to vent. I feel defeated.

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