To help convince George that we can live off of one income I’ve really been pushing for a pantry. I’ve been reading up on how to store a years worth of food by slowly building the pantry up week by week. Our Michigan basement/crawlspace is perfect for this little endeavor. It just needs to have a pantry/rootcellar built against the south wall.

Next year should be better when we get the raised beds installed in the garden area and extend the growing area down by the garage. Only heirloom/open pollinated seeds/seedlings next year too. The fruit trees will be pruned and pest protected (this year apple maggots got to them so the fruit is trash). Hopefully we’ll have some Araucanas, Dorkings and Lakenvelders pullets if the town allows (I don’t see why not but rules are rules).

We’ll have four rain barrels by then too and so we won’t feel so bad about watering the vegetables regularly. I think our property is too small for a beehive so I was thinking I should figure out something I could barter/trade with the neighbor down the street that does have honey.

I know if we ever need help with the garden that the Llama farm that we finally visited has a Master Gardener and I can get help from her (I think she earns volunteer hours that way). So I have to work on my networking skills a little more.

I know that if we start living within our means that we should be able to do well and maybe even start a small business related to our new lifestyle. I see this as a very obtainable goal – George doesn’t. It’s really hard to get him to understand this way of thinking. We argued tonight over the phone because basically he isn’t happy with what we have and wants an expensive waterfront property.

While I agree that would be nice I can’t say that we’d be happy. One, I’d need to go back to work full-time and Georgie would be put in daycare (I cringe). Two, if we only enjoyed it on the weekends is it worth it? Three, why do we have to live on a lake to enjoy all the activities of one? We’ve done so before.

If he still wants one after we’ve done everything else first why can’t we purchase some waterfront property and build a small cottage there? He acts like he’s retiring tomorrow and that we don’t have enough time.

I truly think he’s jealous of his friends that happen to have waterfront property around here. I reminded him that most of them are pretty well off – one has a wife that is a lawyer and the other has a combined income twice as much as our single one.

I remember reading somewhere that it was possible to grow/raise 75% of your family’s food on property that was less than an acre. Now I can’t find it and if I bookmarked it – it is not recognizable. Does anyone know what I’m referring to?


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