Our First Harvest

We’ve had a lot of trouble with our garden this summer. The spinach and lettuce bolted and taste nasty. The radishes and broccoli went to seed. The tomatoes are still green and the peppers keep falling off the plants. I think some of my seeds were old because I only see three carrots, three rutabegas, four swiss chard plants and three asparagus. I planted a lot. Our onions look promising. I did finally figure out what was growing out of the side of the eggplant – potatoes! I also found out what I thought were leeks are actually elephant garlic. Do you know the flowers are edible? They’re great in salads.

I don’t know why I expected more… it was a hastily put together garden and I only hope next year we’ll do a better job at planning. We’ll also have our parents here and that will be a great help.

So for now the eggplant and purple bell pepper are our pride and joy.


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