11 Months

From Babycenter.com

How your baby’s growing:

Ask for a kiss and your little one should understand what you’re saying. Babies at this age can follow simple instructions, passing a cup or giving a hug. And in addition to “Mama” and “Dada,” your baby is able to babble short, fully inflected sentences that sound like a foreign language. Keep talking to your child, naming and labeling objects and people — the more you do, the faster your child’s vocabulary will grow. By now, your baby should respond to simple questions — for example, “Where is your mouth?” — by pointing to the named object.

Get your camera ready! Many babies take their first steps at this age — usually on tiptoe with their feet turned outward. You might want to snap a picture of your baby during meals too. Eleven-month-olds can use a spoon all by themselves — even if more food gets on the floor than in their mouth at this point.

About now, your baby’s play will probably change from working fine motor skills to exercising larger muscles. Your little rascal is likely to think it’s fun to push, throw, and knock down everything in sight. Giving toys to others or taking them away is also new in your child’s repertoire of talents.


Happy 11 months Sweetpea. Love Mama.

*You can walk very well now and only fall when the dogs mow you down.
*Your top teeth finally came in for a total of six.
*You are eating more table foods with gusto.
*You like using a fork even though two-thirds of the food never makes it to your mouth.
*You laugh with delight at anything and everything you think is funny.
*You love to dance even to Mama’s singing voice.
*You give hugs in the morning.
*You say, “Hi!” when we get you from your crib.
*You still torture the dogs.
*You have a lovey that your Grandma bought you on our trip back to Michigan.
*You like to talk and we have long conversations that only you know the true meaning.
*You make tears come to my eyes when you fall and reach for me for comfort.
*You make me proud to be your Mama everytime you light up when your Daddy walks into the room.
*You are growing too fast… stay a little longer.

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