NTS: Nine Days and Counting

+Finish unpacking, breakdown boxes, and store in basement.
+Dust, vacuum, wash sofa slipcover, steam clean carpet and furniture.
+Check out local thrift stores to find Queen size headboard, mattress set, bed frame, small bedside table, tv stand or table, and lamp.
+Set-up downstairs room for guests.
+Finish childproofing house.
+Drop off payment for Llama farm tour.
+Create menus for three days.
+Grocery shop.
+Prepare one casserole and freeze.
+Pick-up something Elmo related for nephew (godson) and small baby gift for baby to come.
+Finish weeding, clean kiddie pool, cut firewood for outdoor pit, plant remaining vegetables for cool season crop and overwintering veggies.
+Enjoy good company!


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